Discover the Jannanghera Valley

  • Place of departure: Civitella Alfedena
  • Drop: 184 m
  • Difficulty: E
  • White and Red signage PNALM path I4
  • Return: same itinerary

It is a pleasant semi-circle itinerary, with a very limited drop and a splendid view of Barrea’s Lake, which arrives at the entrance of one of the most beautiful valleys of the Park, the Jannanghera Valley, which bears the ancient dialectal name by which it was called the witch.

The valley has therefore always been considered the realm of magic, mystery and the unknown, in the popular beliefs that animated the ancient pastoral world of Civita.

The route can also be done by mountain bike or on horseback, in winter with good snow with snowshoes and cross country skiing.

The path I1, takes you into the historic center, following the wooden path I4, the initial part and a large stony mule track bordered on the right by a large dry wall.

After passing the tennis court on the right, the path bends to the left crossing first small rivulets of water and then climbing a stretch of former cultivated land among bushes of scrub.

Continue halfway up the hill with the wide mule track that first crosses a stretch of beech forest and then comes out of the juniper patches again.

A short descent and the trail enters again in a mixed forest tunnel always halfway up. Cross a grassy ridge and enter the beech forest again to arrive, after a very short descent, in a small clearing where there is a spring.

It is of course possible to continue also on different routes, obtaining interesting crossings in different environments. You can continue uphill on the K6, towards the Refuge of Forca Resuni (see itinerary Val di Rose), remembering that also this path is subject to regulation in the summer.

You can continue halfway up the hill, crossing the stream, on the main road of the K6, in the direction of the town of Barrea and maybe return to the starting point by taking the bus. Or get back on your feet a little and just take the path J3 down to Lake Barrea on the left, just inside the woods, and return to Civitella (see Lago di Barrea itinerary).

Source: Civitella Alfedena Municipality

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